Foresight 2020

An Eye On the Horizon
This year's XBX series will provide a comprehensive overview of biodiesel's growing place in the liquid fuels supply chain, with a special emphasis on its downstream marketability as a carbon-neutral, renewable fuel that's both energy and cost efficient, broadly adoptable, and increasingly needed across all sectors in today's anti-carbon regulatory climate.

Over the next two decades, the outlook for the downstream liquid fuels market will be dominated by the effects of the global energy transition already taking shape before our eyes. Driven by increasingly stringent regulatory standards, environmental policy, and consumer demand for clean energy, the adoption of a variety of new technologies is projected to fundamentally reduce demand for petroleum products across the board, leading to a long-term decline in industry size. Put another way, the one constant that oil refiners have always been able to rely upon – demand growth – is projected to peak, flatten, and begin a slow and steady decline over the next 15 years. The impact of this unprecedented market shift—structurally, economically, and logistically—will be felt across the entire distribution chain down to the end user. If your business falls anywhere within the liquid fuels supply chain, this event is for you. FORESIGHT 2020 will examine ways that your organization can develop and manage a cost-effective GHG-reduction strategy, balancing your long-term decarbonization goals with short-term growth objectives. Make no mistake: the time to start strategizing is now. The place is here.


XBX 2018-19 In Review

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“Presenters were excellent - a lot of information to cover, but everyone did a great job!”

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“Superb event.”

XBX 2018 Attendee

“This was a wonderful event ... The content was incredibly valuable and well-delivered.”

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“I drove eight hours both ways for this seminar and it was well worth my time. ”

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